About Us


Our vision is to prepare “Better Society through Better Services”

Empowerment through sustainable approach and providing quality services at grass root level to contribute in achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.


Our mission is to implement evidence-based, culturally sensitive, innovative projects promoting health, Education, Environment, and Community development according to perceived public health, educational, environmental, social welfare needs and priorities as understood through the best quality research and international standards.


 Our projects will hold to international standards of transparency accountability and aim for cost-effectiveness and impact.


  • Believing that “Health”, “Education” is a rightful expectation of all peoples and very necessary for the socio-economic development of the nation.
  • Defining “Health” according to the World Health Organization, as physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, not just the absence of disease.
  • Understanding that the health and education of the poorest and most marginalized people is reflective of the level of health and education of the nation.
  • Environment protection is key to all other factors which affect life of both human and animals.
  • Realizing that everything cannot be done at once and resources are limited so that work must be prioritized based on evidence and perception of need.
  • In liaison with national, provincial, district and local authorities.
  • Partnering with other like-minded agencies to avoid overlapping activities and address gaps in services.
  • We will undertake the following health, educational, environmental and social welfare promotion and research objectives:


  • To advocate and implement evidence-based public health, educational, environmental protection and community development strategies to improve the health and living standards of poor and marginalized populations;
  • To support global initiatives to control disease with locally-specific strategies and activities;
  • To promote and support education in order to achieve high literacy rate and create awareness both socially and politically to get their due rights.
  • To take such positive steps which may result  increase the level of attending schools at both primary and secondary level.
  • To apply international experience and expertise to develop and implement innovative solutions to public health problems, Community development problems including, but not limited to, social marketing, support for positive deviance behaviors and community-based interventions;
  • To conduct public health research; such as, but not limited to, situational analysis, active surveillance, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice (KAP) surveys, coverage surveys, focus groups; in order to establish priorities, to evaluate projects, and to monitor health trends;
  • To disseminate health information and provide health education through individuals, groups and mass media to produce measurable positive change in KAP of healthy behaviors of targeted individuals;
  • To support the advancement of public health knowledge and experience in academic institutions and field work;
  • To participate in medical relief and other charitable activities, especially during crises and emergencies.